Thursday, August 23, 2012

We made it to Oregon

I've been dreading this trip to Oregon, but Art's health has necessitated it and this time I feel I needed to go with him.  All the long walking in the airports had me worried for him.  We ended up hiring a shuttle for the trip to Ladyville as no one was going on the same day as us.  We have to start coordinating our trips to save money.  One neighbor left on Tues., two left on Wed., we traveled on Thurs. and another left on Friday.  I'm hoping on our return on Sept. 6th we'll be able to ride-share.  We flew United (the old Continental) and had a fairly successful trip, by today's minimal standards.  By that I mean that they don't even offer free snacks any more.  Pay please.  We flew to Houston/ San Francisco/Pasco, Wa..  I arranged for a wheelchair to get Art thru the terminals.  He really objected and felt he could handle it, but the reality of Houston made him agree.  We were awfully glad.  He was treated with great kindness and courtesy and we were freed from waiting in long lines.  The glich that gave us a lot of concern was that we only had a 50 minute turn around in S.F.  The flight from Belize was  smooth and we arrived about 20 minutes ahead of schedule, but then our next flight, to S.F. was delayed as they had to wait for the flight crew, which was coming in on a flight from the east coast.  Ouch!  We were delayed over 1/2 hours, which really caused me a lot of stress.  Even tho' this wasn't an international flight, we still had to navigate the terminal.  The flight attendant requested that passengers remain seated so that all of us with tight connections could get off first.  Didn't work!  I plunged my way thru the aisle and dashed to the desk as I could manage and, hallelujah, the next plane was also delayed, waiting for a flight crew.  Art followed me with his faithful wheelchair and we actually had time to sit and catch our breaths before our next flight.  I felt badly as our son was waiting for us in Pasco and we ended up one hour late, arriving at 11:30pm.  He had to go to work early the next morning.  It's wonderful to see him and his three kids, Rex, 15, Charley, 13, and Jessie, 10.  We're visiting here for 3 days and then head for Oregon to my brother's and the VA visits.  

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catdance62 said...

I hope everything goes smoothly from here on out and that the VA is able to help Art.