Sunday, May 20, 2012

A tough decision

I haven't posted anything this time about Art being sick again.  It's been tough, but, thankfully he's doing much better.  Still not sure where the problem lies, but hope to get some answers soon.  He's getting some help here, but if test prove that he needs more help, we'll have to get him back up to Oregon to the VA.  This has prompted us to face the fact that Dreamer Farm is getting to be too much for us because of our ages, Art's health and our limited resources to have outside help.  We've had a website created and have put the property up for sale.  Of course we're not holding our breathes, thinking that it will sell immediately, but we need to acknowledge our situation and be practical.  If we do sell, we're not sure if we'll return permanently to the U.S. or find a smaller place here.  We can definitely live in Belize much cheaper than in the U.S., but, as with so many seniors, we have health insurance up there.  A tough decision! ! 

Our website is

Until things change, we're going to continue to love Dreamer Farm, planting flowers and enjoying all it's wonders.     Blessings,    Gale


orchis said...

Hi Gale,
it's so sad to read this :(
On all the pictures you can see the love and efford you spent at Dreamer Farm.
Hope Art will feel better soon at that you can stay in Belize.

Anonymous said...

Gale, sorry this has come to this. You need to correct the spelling of your website though, or you won't get many inquiries:

not buttettree.

Dreamer farm said...

Thank you. Gale

Emily said...

Sorry about Art's health and that you are having to sell your lovely spot. I just posted a link to your ad on the Belize Expats Facebook group in case anyone there is interested. Best wishes to both of you!