Friday, May 4, 2012

Rene & the Gillie hat

I was sitting at the table on the veranda when I looked out at Rene, working in the yard.  He's a wonderful Mayan/Mestizo man who's helped us out here for six years.  He's done 99% of the work on the grounds here and has also become a dear friend.  

Anyway, I couldn't see Rene's head as he was working.  I watched him for a bit and then had to laugh out loud.  I realized that, because it's really hot right now, he had bushes on his head.  Who really invented the gillie suit?  The locals of every land know so much more than we do.  With just his machete he can survive in the bush.  

I showed the photos to my friend, Diane, and she said, "why didn't you wait until he moved out from under that branch?"  Then we both had a giggle when I explained that that was the point.  He was the branch.  Love it and both of them.  

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