Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Walkway completed (mostly)

Amelio and Alejandro worked for three days and basically completed our walkway from our house to the guest house. I think it looks great and is very strong. We'll have to figure out how we're going to treat the handrails, but for now, they're great. I also have to build a gate at our end to keep Bailey from wandering over, down the stairs and off into the bush. We're extremely pleased with the idea of purlins so we don't have to have support posts underneath. The revised span turned out to be 17' and the purlins are steel, 2 1/2" by 8". I think this will look a lot better painted, but that decision will come later.


sandy a. said...

that looks good! Sorry you are selling your place :(

Dreamer farm said...

"selling" and having it for sale are two very different things down here. Real Estate is very slow moving. We are extremely worried about Art's health, so feel it would be smart to move close to his VA help. Time will tell, but for now, we're here and loving our wonderful haven. Thanks