Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Delta vs Continental from Belize!

I'm in such a rage that this probably isn't a good time to write, but I'm going to anyway. Art is trying to get back to Oregon for an appt. with the VA. An annual thing and not uncommon for expats in Belize. When I last made the trip, via Continental into Houston, I had one carry-on and NO checked bags. What a pleasure. A friend & I were expedited thru the line for the flight crews because we didn't have checked bags. Immigration and customs were handled at the same desk. We were rapidly on our way to our next gates.

For this trip, we got a somewhat better fare with Delta so decided to give it a try. NEVER AGAIN! Delta brings ina much smaller plane and wouldn't allow the carry-ons inside the passenger compartment. They checked it for that flight. When Art got to Atlanta (sucks!) with a 1 1/2 hour layover, he had to wait for over an hour for his bag to come off the plane, then regular customs, etc., so he missed all his connections and had to wait for another flight out of Atlanta and then stay over last night in Salt Lake City at OUR EXPENSE. This caused huge problems for him as well as our family waiting for him at his destination. Rather than getting in last night, he doesn't arrive until noon today. He has so little time with our grandkids there as it is, they've now cut his visit very short.

I don't care what the difference is in the fare. I'd choose not to travel before I/we will take Delta again. They don't have a clue, nor do they care, about the convenience or problems of their passengers. I've written to both Delta and Expedia, so we'll see if either has the courtesy to at least answer back. There's actually no way they can make up for the huge inconveniece and frustration we've been caused.

We've had cool, lovely weather for about a week, but it's now raining again. Mirrors my mood. Thank goodness for our incredible Bailey. He's such a comfort and loving friend.


dale said...

Gayle, Have you looked at American Airlines? They fly from Belize to Dallas then to Oregon. We use Cheap Air.com We will be flying to Belize in Feb. on American so we will see how they do. dale

Dreamer farm said...

Hi Dale,
We have used American, but Continental had the best schedule for us and until recently, commpetitive prices. Time will tell. Have a great trip. Feb. is a good month down here.

AJ. Baxter said...

I only fly Continental from Calgary to Houston to Belize City. Great airlines! Cheap fares on other airlines are not worht it.

JRinSC said...

The only caveat on American is be careful. When we used them they didn't bother to tell us that the ticket didn't include the $38.75 USD exit fee from Belize. We had to pay that before they would let us out to the plane. No wonder the American fare was the cheapest that time...

Flying is not any fun anymore... hate it.

Take care,


sandy a. said...

We almost always fly American, but in Sept. my husband and his buddy went down for a fishing tournament and flew Delta because it was cheap and American only had the going-through-Miami route available (always like that in Sept. and OCt.). They didn't have any problems, fortunately.