Friday, February 4, 2011

My current project

Wow, I'm finally feeling better. It's great to be able to have a conversation without coughing my head off. Actually, I've been doing fairly well, keeping busy, just not doing much visiting. I'm not very good at being sick and staying in bed. Ick! I much prefer to keep trudging away.

I've been concerned because the guest house is 8' in the air and we only have a handrail on the veranda. I saw some of the wonderful Ta ti that Rene bro't out of the bush and asked him to find a bunch for me. I can't tell the difference between the kind that will rot day-after-tomorrow or the kind that lasts for years. I know he thinks I'm a little crazy, but, bless his heart, he responded with huge armloads. I'm slowly peeling the bark off pieces and installing spindles. OK, before one of you hollers, I know it's not code. For heavens sake. This is Belize! There isn't any code here in the bush.

When we built our recycled, handbuilt, log house in Oregon, we struggled, but it's to code. A couple of disappointments were that we found wonderful clawfoot tubs, but couldn't use the original faucets because of code. Some time in the who knows past there was a fire in Chicago and water siphoned back into their water system, so you have to have the faucet 1" above the water line. Anyway, we survived because we had a wonderful inspector who tho't we were crazy, but loved our project. Hallelujah! One of the beauties of Belize is that you can be creative and get away with it.

If we should have guests with small children, we'll put up the temporary wire mesh to protect them. For now, I just had to give this a try. It's going to take me quite a time to finish, but I'm enjoying it for now.


Wilma said...

I love the look you've got going on with the spindles, Gale. And I am happy that you are feeling better. said...

Very good.

Bill and Debra said...

Looks good Gale..glad your feeling better.