Saturday, February 12, 2011

Handrail project update

I'm frustrated today as I wanted to work on the handrail project, but it's raining and the Tati is wet, so hard to clean. I putter with this project when I get a little time. Art has been helping me with some of the frame and has even enjoyed stripping the bark off some of the spindles. It's like whittling. Tati is interesting. It's a vine so some of it is very flexible. There's a variety of it in almost every tree. Some of the pieces Rene has bro't us goes up high in the canopy and blooms. We've been smelling and seeing the sweet bloom, but didn't realize what it is. The yellow flower is known as Witches Comb. We're not cutting anything close to the houses so that we can enjoy the flowers and the fascinating shapes.

This photo shows that I'm getting a little more carried away and enjoying the wonderful shapes. I'm having fun.

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Emily said...

Your handrail is so creative and attractive. I love it!