Friday, September 24, 2010

Rain - again!

This probably seems like a repetitious subject, but right now, it's what's on our minds. Tropical storm Lisa is showing off by dumping heavy and nearly constant rain on little Belize and much of Central America. It's ugly to check out the satellite photos and see that huge orange weather system heading right for us.

I've lived in the northwest most of my life, so am used to rain, but this is totally different. It can be calm and then you can hear the rain coming, sounding like a freight train in the distance, heading right for you. Then boom, it's dumping. Yesterday it was clouding with periodic rain, all day, so our solar intake was minimal. We had to run the generator for nearly 2 hours last evening and expect to do the same until this weather lets up. The forecast is for this to continue until next Tuesday. Ick! Cisterns overflowing and laundry piling up.

Actually, the laundry is piling up because my Belize washing machine (made in China) which is only about 9 mos. old, gave up the ghost. We tried to get it fixed in Spanish Lookout, where we bo't it, but problem beyond their capabilities. After three trips back and forth, we went to San Ignacio yesterday and bo't a new Dae Woo yesterday. Can you believe that a South Korean brand is top of the line here. I just want clean clothes.

Can't really blame all our troubles on living in Belize. My Dell computer has met the same fate as my washing machine. I should probably write a whole posting on that mess. Anyway, between Best Buy and Dell, my computer died at 9 mos. and there's not help there for us. The SOB's finally won and I've given up!

Anyway, dear whoever's out there, all is not gloom and doom. This icky weather is making me face spare time and I'm tired of reading the same books over again, so will try to do some sketching. My cup is still half full (but with this rain it's going to be running over and down the hill).


sandy a. said...

there are a lot of free online crosswords, sudoku, and logic puzzles to keep you busy too. There are free online books if you don't mind reading on the computer (I guess you still have a computer since you posted a blog installment). Another thing that you might consider taking up, even though you may never need such an item as a quilt, is quilting. YOu can use old clothes or maybe go to a store where they sell fabric (surely someone in SI sells fabric) and get some "ends" or scraps there, start a quilt. YOu could start by making a simple square-piece quilt, or look for a quilt pattern online. It's not that hard, and most anyone can sew by hand (i sew best by hand). I think your only problem would be finding the batting for the inside, but you might could just use an old blanket or something.

batfish said...

Atleast you get a washing machine, we made do with three wash tubs and a washboard, a gift from our friend Carlos, said this was the kind his mom used. Maybe you should consider a wind turbine as-well, we did. Usually if sun not shining wind is blowing.