Thursday, September 9, 2010


Labor Day just past in the US. It seems weird that our holidays slip by unnoticed down here, but of course, why should they?

September is a crazy month in Belize. Fewer tourists, but lots of festivities. The red, white and blue of the Belize flag is everywhere. This is a month to celebrate independence in a big way. The first holiday is St. George's Caye Day which celebrates the battle of St. George's Caye in 1798. The British defeated the Spanish which led to the creation of British Honduras. A tiny English speaking foothold, surrounded by the Spanish. For 212 years this has been the big celebration, countrywide.

Since 1981 when they became Independent and British Honduras became Belize, September 21st is the second huge celebration. Everyone breaks loose and enjoys parades, fireworks and fun.

We'll try to stay out of the craziness up here on our hill, but have to head to town today to be sure that we're stocked up for the weekend as lots of places will be closed.

Happy holiday Belize!

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