Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I'm really missing my computer. It's not always easy getting to internet cafe as we're so often hurrying. Hope to get it fixed and be able to be more diligent soon.
We're having one of those frustrating times when it seems everything is breaking. Hope it's just a spell and not the way it will always be. We did get the parts for the freezer & it's finally running again. The duty bit was maddening, but here a freezer is a luxury so won't come in duty free. So much for the QRP!
About a week ago I was making dinner, using the oven in our new Mabe stove. It's a little 20" with a black glass door. Luckily I was off to the side when I heard a loud pop & breaking glass. I turned to find a pile of tiny black glass & a disintegrated oven door. Art had been looking that direction when it happened & he saw it just explode. After a long discussion with LP Gas in Spanish Lookout, we were somewhat left on our own. We came home, disconnected everything & took the stove & box of broken glass back. I won't go into all the gorey details, but I was ready to tell the manager where he could put eh stove (it really doesn't pay to lose your temper here) when Art suggested that we cough up another $100 and take home a GE. No more Maybe (Mabe) they work and maybe they don't in this house. Also, we now believe that they do bring inferior products into Belize as we hear so many stories similar to ours & warrantees are non-existant, except in a few places in Spanish Lookout. Live & learn!
We bro't down a nice small TV that had been my Mom's, which has a built-in VHS player. Actually, our tapes are doing OK, so far, but the player has decided to not show a picture, only sound.
These problems, coupled with constant struggles with the weedeaters and chain saw are really chewing away at our budget.
We'll keep plugging along, but are hoping to at least take 2 steps forward to 1 behind, soon. Our glass is still half full!
Best to all, Gale

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Wilma said...

Hello Gale,

hang in there! From what we've seen personally and observing the experience of others moving to Belize, it takes a while for things to sort out. But the climate is hard on electronics and on anything electrical, so things do wear out sooner and break more often than we are accustomed to. I think it is the humidity as well as more dust since there is really not much difference between the air outside and the air inside, dust and all. On the other hand - the climate is one of the reasons you are where you are! So, hang in there, the best is yet to come.

I love to read your blog with its honest recounting of your new life. It gives me a little "fix" of Belize between our visits.