Sunday, February 28, 2010

My garden

I finally had to give up and admit defeat for now. I had hoped to enjoy some familiar veggies, but apparently they didn't care for it here.

I planted seeds directly into the garden and some in bags & boxes. Frankly, I couldn't even get radishes to sprout in the garden. How lame is that? I had to carry water, but that didn't seem to be the problem, as the ground stayed damp.

I had marginally better luck with some of the seeds in bags, but then found difficulty transplanting.

This was a test of our virgin soil and the result is that it needs help. Not one to give up so easily, I've decided to till it all, add fertilizers and tray again next planting time. We plan to try chicken manure in one part and another organic product in another part to compare results. I'll also be more diligent with my bug sprays. We're trying a concoction made from Neem leaves and another made from garlic, hot pepper sauce & dishwashing detergent. It's a challenge to try to make this a success.

I appreciate the comments & concern from some of you. I hope I'll have more positive results to report next time.

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Anonymous said...

you might could take a soil sample over to Central Farm and see if they could test it for you?
hope the chicken poo helps, just be careful you don't burn the roots. It has a lot of nitrogen.