Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dreamer farm retreat

As I sit on the veranda this morning I'm struck by the absolute silence. ( Not having neighbors in close proximity can be such a quiet blessing).  The air can be totally still and the birds get quiet.  The only sound I hear is the gentle ticking of the new clock telling me I should get busy.  Hush up!  Then I hear the quiet chirping of the small warblers and sparrows and so many others I have yet to be able to identify.  We'd have so many more birds near the house, but having  two Irish Setter pups, one of whom is obsessed with chasing the birds, has nearly cleared their one acre yard of some of our previous friends.

 It's approaching mid-morning, so the chachalaca's have gotten quiet as have the howler monkeys, whom we never see, but seem all around us.  Periodically a light breeze passes by keeping it from getting too hot.  I'm so happy that we made the choice to have our roof extend over the entire veranda, which protects the house and gives us cool spots during the day.

We had some lovely folks look at our place a couple of weeks ago.  We had no idea of their agenda as they came with a realtor.  I wish we had known they were looking for a retreat as we had designed so much of the land with that in mind, even knowing that it would always be beyond our resources.  We planted a circle in the middle of the open area to allow for a drive-around for three potential cabana sites.  Setting them with a back to the trees would block out sounds from the village.  We also had Rene punch a path thru the bush towards the east to access our coconut trees.  There would be a couple of great spots for additional cabanas which would be set in the trees.  The area to the west, behind the house has been cleared and Rene has planted some of the medicinal plants as well as various small palms.  There's a meandering path thru and with the placement of a couple of seats, it would be a lovely spot for contemplation. 

It's been and will continue to be a beautiful retreat for two old, very tired people, but we do feel that we need to get back to family while it's still an option.  As we've told ourselves so many times tho' if we have to be stuck someplace, there can't be a more wonderful place than Dreamer Farm.  

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