Sunday, August 31, 2014

August weather

We've been having some unusual weather that has just about put any activity on my part to a halt.  We've been expecting some rain as we've been having occasional clouds, lightning and thunder.  Darn, only a few drops have come down and have contributed to the humidity and heat.  It's been in the high 90's for all of August and my chubby body hasn't been responding well to the heat.  Sweating profusely isn't particularly attractive or comfortable.  This hot spell has also contributed to a water shortage.  Thankfully we can rely on Michael Waite of Snooty Fox to bring us 3000 gallons of water at a reasonable price.  Tonight, as my whining reached a crescendo level, we've gotten about an hour of drizzle.   So lovely.  Now my Kindle reading marathon will need to come to an end as my excuse for my laziness will have cooled off. 


Wilma said...

Used to be, I would gain a few pounds in the winter because it was too cold to do much. Now I gain a few pounds in the summer because it is too darned hot to do anything - other than sweat, that is! Since we are further south than you, we have had some good rains the past few weeks. A couple of nights ago our rain gauge indicated 3 inches. And it is cooling off enough to make it possible to be more active. I'll still take the heat over over the cold MN winters.

Gale said...

Hi Wilma, We've seen lots of dark clouds zooming by, most of them move south of us, so can believe that you're getting dumped on. Glad you're enjoying living here now. Thanks for not giving up on my meager posts.