Thursday, June 13, 2013

mistreated pups

Yesterday we stopped to see Claudia and Franklin (owner's of our pups parents) to see what yummy baked things Claudia had to sell. Under the name Vanilla Hills, she sells wonderful breads and pastries. Franklin was extremely upset and had to show me the three pups he'd "repossessed" just hours before. Originally a fellow from Spanish Lookout purchased the three pups to use to hunt. Franklin visited their place to talk to him about the agreed upon spaying and neutering. He found the three, each on a 3 foot chain, without water and filthy. The particulars are his business, but I'll just say that Franklin returned their money and eventually bro't the pups home. They were dashing about in the wonderful, huge yard he fenced off for their dogs, like released prisoners and coming to the fence for hugs along with the rest. The three were muddy and looked horrible compared to the beauties of Claudia and Franklin. At least it appeared that they had been fed while in captivity. Poor Franklin, who is such a kind and gentle man, practically had steam coming out of his ears he was so upset about the state of these pups.

Today he said he'll bathe the three and then has arranged with a vet to handle the spaying of the one female and neutering the two males. As they already have the parent dogs and two pups, along with three other dogs, they will be looking for good homes for these three.

We had never set out to buy Irish Setters, but being around them has opened our eyes to what loving, intelligent dogs they are. Our two have brought such joy and love to us. They really want to please and just offer love and puppy hugs. To tie them up and keep them isolated is a huge crime against their loving nature. If you live in Belize and have love to offer, I know they are just looking for good homes for these three. Blessings

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