Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Irish Setter pups

I just had a wonderful conversation  with friends up in the States and they are surprised and worried that we actually bought two pups.  Getting even one can be intimidating.  Well, I have to say that we both agree that getting two was the best thing we've done in a long time.  In most ways, rather than being twice the work, they're half the work because they keep each other company.  Right from the first night, there's never a peep out of them at night.  They curl up together and sleep until first light.  They do start hassling each other then, but I'm sure only one pup would start whining.  They sleep on the veranda and if I get up right away and put them in the fence, there aren't any messes to clean up.  The dog fence is about 100' x 100', so quite a bit of room and shade all during the day.

Their personalities are so different.  Rusty is Mr. calm and more elegant.  Shannon, with her cowlicks on the back of her neck, is the trouble maker.  Right now they're lying on the veranda, about a foot apart, just yapping at each other.  Noisy, but hysterical.  I think you have to have a sense of humor to adopt pups. 

I do have to qualify the recommendation to getting two pups at the same time.  We've owned a fantastic Old English Sheepdog and later a Yellow Lab.  I think I'd have been committed if we'd had two of either of these dogs at the same time.  But these Irish Setters are a different story.  They love people, are very bright and even tho' they're only four months old, they are picking up so much of what we're trying to teach them.  Shannon even occasionally rings the doggy doorbell to go down to potty. 

It's hard to get used to how rangy and long-legged Irish Setters are.  At four months they both could be mistaken for grown dogs at a glance.   We're both having so much fun with how loving and fun these darling pups are.  What a blessing to us and even though Bailey might disagree, I think he's enjoying them a little too.  Hugs to all,    

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