Saturday, March 24, 2012

water pump

Ok, UNCLE, UNCLE - We've had so many repair expenses lately that we've both become somewhat numb.  The less money we have, the more that's needed.  We have been trying to recover from having to buy a new generator and then it was new solar batteries with accompanying expenses.  This last week has been heaven, with enough sun to give us lots of power so we haven't really been worrying about the utilities.  WELL, last night, out of the blue, we lost our water.  We have a 10,000 gallon, in ground, cistern with a 1/2 hp well pump and a pressure tank to supply our water.  The pressure switch showed zero pounds.  OK, now what.  We'd recently had the pump reset and rewired.  I was too upset to even be upset, just numb.  Besides the injustice of it, it was Friday night.  I sent out a call for help with a text message to our electrician/pump guy.  Of course, no answer.  Nothing we could do but start hauling buckets of water up from our plastic tank and worry!  I was so tired this afternoon that I took a short nap (something I never do).  I woke to a sound like the pump running.  Art came in and told me that he decided to poke around and took the cap off the pressure valve.  Inside was a bee and a small nest.  As soon as he removed the bee the pressure gauge jumped to 32 lbs, and WE HAD WATER AGAIN.  What a relief.  I'm so proud of him and we're both so relieved that, at least for today, we won't have another huge expense.  You might be able to hear our collective sigh and see our smiles.  I'm working on making my glass half full again.   Blessings

I know it's not exciting, but I decided to add a photo of the tank for info.  The pressure valve is the little grey box with the two wires extending up.  Such a little thing to cause to much trouble.  G. 


sandy A said...

Glad it wasn't something serious! Here at our States house we have 2 working wells and one in another part of the property (not working). Every year I put fire ant granules around the base of the tank so that they don't get up in there. I know there are fire ants there, but something keeps them under control. here, they have no predators so they are a real nuisance! they LOVE electricity for some reason so you have to work to keep them out of the well pump pressure switch, the air conditioner, the electric meter, etc. No problem with bees though.

Anonymous said...

Gale, I love your blog and have been reading the entire thing. It is so insightful and entertaining, I am planning to retire in 10 years and am looking at Belize as a possible place to live. You and Art are an inspiration and I admire you greatly!
-Bill Gallagher
Portland, Oregon.

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