Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Santa came to Belize again

We dug into the duffle bag, stored under the bed and dusted off Art's santa suit. He would have enjoyed being Santa for more kids down here, but ended up just visiting with one group. What a lovely experience tho'. We've met a wonderful young couple who have opened a Pancake House in San Ignacio. The restaurant is next to their house, which gives them a nice situation with little overhead, and he's the minister of a small church which is across the street. They get no outside help with their funding, but give most of what they have to the children. The 19th of Dec. they fed 85 children a beautiful breakfast of bacon, an egg and pancakes and made up really nice gift bags for each of them. Art was delighted to share in this experience by being Santa to this excited group. Like children everywhere, they had stars and hope in their eyes as they gave him their wish list along with generous hugs. How we wish we could give each of them at least one special gift. We see the children here as well loved and cared for. It's so common to see a father holding the hand of a toddler, walking down the street. Most of the kids are clean and dressed proudly by their doting parents. So much of what little the parent's make is used for school fees and to take care of their children. Why do so few have so much when so many in countries like Belize, have so little? Santa's magic isn't able to fill the gap.


Anonymous said...


This is not a comment for posting.

I read your entry on the inverter issue you had in December. I thought you might benefit from being in touch with others who are living remotely in Belize, so I asked Hugh Leyton, the owner of the Belize Remote Group to inquire if you would want to be connected with the Belize Remote Group. It is possible to get some assistance from this group, or at least pointed in the right direction.

Hugh is a retired electrical engineer who lives in Belmopan and is helping me try to understand solar alternatives (no easy task for him, I will point out).

I hate to see you so close to the edge when there is expert advice 30 to 40 miles away by email.

Please consider a response to Hugh.

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

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