Sunday, July 3, 2011

We're "flush" with pride!

I know that's pretty tacky, but we're

actually pretty excited. To go from our composting toilets to two flush toilets is pretty exciting stuff here at Dreamer Farm. We've toted the doodoo and put up with the bugs so the reality of flushing is really nice. We've had them build an 8' x 8' concrete septic tank and put in a single drainfield with infiltrators. This was a new concept to us, but our friend, Robin, has installed them before and had extras which we could buy. After reading about them on the internet, we felt they were by far the best solution for us. They're designed for locations that don't perk. That's not our problem here, but the marl is close to the surface, so were concerned that, in an extreme situation, we could have a drain problem. Our friend, Jane, is still here so she was able to go thru the transition with us. We've all laughed at how we can get excited about such a basic thing.

Our cistern holds a shy 10,000 gallons of water which we collect from the two roofs. We just had a pretty severe dry season and we still had over 1/2 the tank full, so water isn't an issue. Also, we have a pump and a couple of tanks, so we can go to the Mopan for water, if necessary. Yippee!

We're still not very fancy here, but at least now I'm not embarrassed to direct visitors to the bathroom.


Wilma said...

running water and flush toilets are the foundation of civilization! ;-)


ps - the verification word is "slymmie". somewhat fitting in reference to your old toilet system ...

sandy a. said...

Hooray for flush toilets!!! There's nothing like 'em!

Kim said...

Stumbled upon your blog today and am amazed by your journey! I visited Belize and Bullet Tree Falls in 1992 and have been in love with the area ever since. It would be my dream to do what you all are doing....hopefully someday. I can't wait to keep up with all your projects and life. Thank you for sharing your days!