Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our log home in Oregon

I'm taking this time to digress from the farm to share a little of our distress and upset about our previous home in Bend, Oregon. It's actually a couple of miles outside the resort area of Sunriver, Oregon. The area draws folks because of the Deschutes River, lots of lakes, golf courses galore and less than a 1/2 hour drive to the Mt. Bachelor ski area.

We discovered a log home being dismantled near Seattle in 1999. After a year of assessing and planning we bro't the logs down to Oregon and started rebuilding the home. We had to put the huge logs back in the same way they came apart, which was no mean feat. The original house was 2-story, but the top floor was covered by the roof with dormers. We wanted the view of Mt. Bachelor and more light, so we built an exposed 2nd story. We attempted to use as many salvaged products as possible. We were lucky to find oak kitchen cabinets that had been torn from a vacation home. They were like new. We installed an antique door at the side with most of it's original thumb print glass. When we located a party tearing out two, like new, clawfoot tubs, we couldn't make up our minds between the short or long one, so bo't them both. A really difficult task was accumulating downed poles and posts from neighboring woodlots for our loft and stair railings. Doing all the cleaning & shaping by hand made it a real struggle, but we did it. I spent one winter, carving a cougar on the outside of the front door. We were often visited by deer, so I carved two does on the inside of the door. There are lots of handcarved accents thruout the house.

Our crazy project was written about in "Log & Timber Style" magazine and later we were given a huge writeup in the Bend Bulletin. I'm only sharing all of this to give some insight into the anguish and sadness that we're going thru right now. We've tried to sell the house since first deciding that we wanted to make our home in Belize, but have been haunted by the rapid downturn in the housing market. We've supported the house for a long time, but now that must come to an end. I'm traveling back to Oregon in May to sell all the furnishings, salvaging as much from it as I can and then we'll let the house go. This horrible decision is coupled with some extreme family problems that are tearing us apart.

We'd placed both the Oregon house and Dreamer Farm on the market for sale, but, at least for now, Dreamer has truly become our refuge. It's so peaceful and beautiful and is giving us a positive direction for the future. We're going to stay here, grow cacao and renew our efforts to create a refuge for family & friends here in Belize.


Wilma said...

Your Oregon log cabin is really something special; i can understand your anguish.

Dave said...

I've been following your blog since you first started it. I've really enjoyed your honest and candid writing, thank you.
Reading this and now seeing the pictures of your log home in Oregon, I can see how you were so torn in leaving it behind.
Well, at least you have a plan now and can continue moving forward. If you are ever in the Corozal area, drop me a line, my wife and I would love to meet you, dave

sandy A said...

I am sad for you that you have to let your log house go, but I understand fully the pull to stay in Belize. When I am at our Belize house I never want to come back to Texarkana. (but alas, must make $$ to come back to Belize!)

sandy a said...

Also, I contacted someone I know who's mom has real estate dealings in Oregon. I thought maybe a last ditch effort to save your home and get it sold. I forwarded the link to your blog post about the house.

Dreamer farm said...

Sandy, You're a doll. We'd be so glad if someone would buy it and love it the way we did. I hate to use the blog for downer things, but it's all part of moving to Belize. Life isn't always skittles and beer. Really appreciate all the support.
Hugs, Gale