Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just wandering around the place

It's still hard to wander around our little Dreamer Farm when the temp is in the 70's and realize that it's so cold up north. I love the blue vine that winds itself around our veranda, with the double hibiscus at the bottom. We've cut the brush in about an acre below the houses and are creating paths and planting for our "park". Right now it's not that impressive, but it is a quiet refuge where you can look up at the trees and watch the birds. We've planted some dwarf palms near a winding path that I created. I'll add more plants and flowers as we get them. I was going to have Art bring back some impatience seeds as they love the shade, but then I realized that it's December in Oregon and they're selling snow shovels and mittens rather than seeds. I'd love to hit the local nurseries, but the budget is a little tight, so will see what I can snip and start from scratch.

As Rene chopped and cleared, he'd find medicinal plants and I asked him to save them. He tells me how each can be used, but I'm a very poor student. He laughs when I tell him that his wonderful stories tend to go in one of my ears and falls out the other. I feel like the little boy who said "teacher, I need to go home because my brain is full." I'm trying to write some of it down. He knows so much of the Mayan methods. I'm trying to come up with a way of labeling these plants so that we don't accidentally cut them down. I'd like to get a printer and put together a book of photos and a map of where things are.

These are just random photos. The darker single hibiscus is near our guest house. The photos doesn't show the deep red center very clearly. The light purple bougainvillea is a dwarf plant and now full size.


Bill and Debra said...

Looks great Gale. Very beautiful place you have.


Linda Crawford Elul said...

Your farm is beautiful....would love to see it one day when I'm in Belize.

Wilma said...

Your park is looking lovely, Gale. I really like how have cleared out the understory and kept all those big trees. You are well on your way to having a real garden-of-eden spot.

We have some crotons, hibiscus, frangipani, passion fruit, and probably more that we have gotten for free as cuttings. But we have spent way too much at nurderies, too. I am a sucker for a pretty plant. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Well, we are in the middle of the first winter blizzard in Minnesota, approx. 16 inches as I write with more to fall before dawn, with significant drifting. Expected high tomorrow of -1 degrees F. So the bouganvillea and other images from your place are somewthing for me to hold onto until we can move to Belize permanently. Many of the plants can be propagated easily from cuttings, provided you pay them due attention. Have you tried any Plumeria aka Frangipani up there?

Once we get there maybe we can exhange cuttings for propagation.

You are really lucky with having Rene there to point out the medicinal plants. So little of this is available in written form, it would be helpful to have this documented somehow.

Best wishes for you and yours this Holiday season.