Friday, January 22, 2010

Another day in paradise

I can't say that anything very exciting has been happening here. Just grinding along, trying to finish some projects around the place. My garden project isn't going very well, but I'm not one to give up that easily. Might have some peas, altho' they're not very happy with the current hot spell, some beans, green that is, and garlic. Frustrated that my Walla Walla onions are pouting about coming south and aren't showing up. Was hoping to show what wonderful produce we grow up north, but not to be.

After a couple of weeks of cold weather, it's turned quite hot. Been about 90 F afternoons. Sure different than what's happening in the U.S. We're managing fine, but our sweet Bailey would much prefer the cold. We did finally get all our veranda's screened and a gate put up so that he can be loose there. Wish he could go out with us in the yard, but he wanders and could run into a snake or spider. Also, everyone here is afraid of him, but would like to own him as a watchdog.

We had a delightful surprise today, when a friend, whom I'd only met on the Belize Forum, dropped in with his wife, They were on a couple of wonderful 4-wheelers, which they'd just bro't in and were out exploring. They just happened to find our road and recognized Art (aka Santa) from this blog. How incredible. We have a lovely, but short visit. Hope to meet Bart & Nicolle again soon.

Oh, have to report on our Toyota. Incredible as it sounds, Beto did a fantastic job and she looks almost like new. We're always surprised at how many very capable and interesting people we keep meeting here.


Terdal Farm said...

Thanks for the updates, even the mundane ones. --Erik

Anonymous said...

I agree with Erik--I enjoy reading the updates! Too bad about the troubles with your garden. Is it too hot for those onions?